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  • Not arrived yet

    I bought a Hotbin at the RHS Flower Show, it hasnt arrived yet

    I have been told it will arrived very soon

    How do I get it started ?

    I have a huge pile of weeds and grass cuttings

    Can I just dump them into it ?

    I know I can put cardboard and shredded paper into it, do I layer it ?

    I dont have twigs, wood to put in there

    I have a normal composter, looks like a Dalek, square lid and a front hatch

    Every so often I move it, then just fill it back up , putting all the top stuff back in so its now at the bottom of the Dalek,

    I leave it for a year or so, then dig it in, anything that hasnt rotted away goes back in the Dalek

    This is what I have been doing for years, is a Hotbin any different ?

    It will be mailnly grass cuttings going in there, along with cardboard and shredded paper

    Come the end of summer it will be the old hanging baskets and window boxes, normally I just dump everything into my dalek composter, can I do the same with a Hotbin ?

    Thats it for my first posting

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    Hi, I’ve just joined and will be ordering a MK2 bin in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of info on the Hotbin composting web site. Also there is a funny guy called Beanie Composter who posts hotbin help videos on YouTube. Have a look.


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      This seems to be one of those forums that doesnt tell you when someone replies

      I subscribed, but never got a notification of this reply

      I am on an allotment website as well, I always get a notification when I ask a question or post a comment

      Oh, well, when my hot bin arrives, I'll just muddle through, cant be that hard, put stuff in, get compost out, then repeat

      I(f it isnt for me, I can always post it on ebay or Facebook market place

      I know I never really got much help when I sent emails to hot bin, they cant even tell me when its going to arrive


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        I give up, its a complete waste of time asking a question here
        I dont think anyone ever visits this forum, if they do they never post anything
        This is going to be my last visit here