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  • HotBinDjinn
    I've composted quite a bit of hay and straw in the hotbin. It really helps if it's cut up (I run the mower over mine). Woodchips work better when they are semi-composted. Pile them outside for a few months and let nature work on them, then they make great bulking agent. I would still put some shredded cardboard in the mix if you have it - it breaks down easier than hay or straw and is good food to get the bacteria started. Honestly, I would just mix it all up and not put too much of any one thing in.

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  • strawberry
    Hello Rhedyn, other people on the forum say that chicken droppings are v good for getting the bin going, so if your first mix does not work you could try the hay/droppings mix plus veggie food waste and wood chip. Good luck - if you can get to the green temperature zone in this freezing weather then you will have got the right mix.

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  • Rhedyn
    started a topic start me up?

    start me up?

    Hello all, I am starting up my HOTBIN for the first time and I have read all the materials but am a little confused by all the options. I'm on a smallholding so I have tonnes of all the good stuff available. If someone experienced could suggest a step by step recipe for me to follow that would be brilliant.

    I have:

    - infinite twigs
    - a big pile of dry cardboard
    - clean dry old hay
    - old hay mixed with chicken droppings
    - old hay mixed with sheep manure
    - dry wood chip from my wood store
    - a large caddy of veggie food waste
    - a small caddy of carnivore food waste
    - a large bin of mixed paper
    - half rotted old sheep fleece (damp)
    - just plain old sheep fleece (dry)
    - the starter stuff that came with the HOTBIN

    I understand a base layer of twigs is good for aeration, but then what next and how much and what proportions? Many thanks for any guidance.

    ETA: after reviewing the materials yet again and watching a video I have tentatively concluded that because my old hay and wood chip are both very dry, I might not need paper and card in the mix. Considering that hay starts barn fires if not properly ventilated I am interested to see how effective it is here. So I have done a twig base layer and then a mix of veggie food waste, clean old hay, and wood chip (which is bits that have come off the seasoned logs in my firewood store while stacking) that seems like it should have plenty of air in it and be about the same moisture level as in the video. We shall see.

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