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Is a leaking door normal?

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  • Is a leaking door normal?

    Hi, I was excited to get my Hotbin mini in September but now I am feeling rather despondent. I set it up, trying to follow all the instructions but I have not been able to get it working properly. My concern is that there is constantly liquid leaking out of the bottom of the door. I have seen many posts about the contents being too wet and it leaking out of the grill at the bottom but never through the door. Has anyone else experienced this?
    I have read how important the seal around the door is and I wonder if my bin is faulty? When it is empty, I can push the middle of door, at the bottom, and it moves in about 3mm, and similarly at the top. It does much the same whether the straps are on or not. Is this movement and leaking through the door normal?
    As liquid is leaking out of the door I cannot see how it can be sealed properly.
    I am aware that the contents are also probably too wet, but I have used lots of shredded paper and cardboard cut up small and the bulking agent in the quantities suggested and I have premixed it in a trug so that I know it is mixed, and I have kept it topped it up regularly, keeping it two thirds to three quarters full. I have emptied and refilled my bin twice now, trying to get it working and I am reluctant to try again before checking out whether there is something wrong with the bin itself (the internal temperature is now only a little above the external temperature so I know it is wrong - the highest temperature I have achieved has been around 30 degrees C (I did check it was C not F)).
    I am not asking for advice on the wetness as there are lots of posts about this and advice on how to cure it. I really just want to know if a leaking door is normal, or is it likely that there is a problem with my bin?

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    My bin leaks a little from the bottom of the door, especially after it has rained. Keeping around the door clean is important, but often difficult. Part of the problem seems to be that my drainage plate is crushed and is permanently deformed by the weight of the compost. I've had to get better quality straps to hold the door tighter.