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  • No leachate?

    Hi all,

    After having dealt with an anaerobic HotBin that was producing far too much leachate (I removed the contents, aerated it and re-added with more bulking agent and shredded paper), things seemed to be on the up as the temperature has been climbing and the smell is much better.

    However, since I have done this I have only had leachate once, a week after I did it. Since then several weeks have gone by where there has been no leachate whatsoever.

    When I open the bin, it certainly seems to be humid enough inside and there also seems to be some wetness underneath the HotBin itself, but strange that none of that is filtering to the bottom?

    The weather has been much warmer, could that be a factor?

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    I think if you get your mix close to perfect, there will be little in the way of leachate. Recently I got some compost out of my bin that I would say was usable without out further drying or curing - just damp, crumbly and fibrous, there was no leachate at all in the bottom of the bin.

    Dry weather helps as there is no rain leaking in through various access points.


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      That's good to hear! Hopefully I've got the mix right, then.

      The odd thing is there appears to be some liquid leaking through the bottom of the unit.