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Could you add twice a week instead of weekly?

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  • Could you add twice a week instead of weekly?

    Hi all,

    I wondered the hotbin would work somewhat well (although at a lower temp) if you added material less frequently. Just once every two weeks?

    I also wanted to know if left alone for longer periods works the hotbin work as a regular composter and you would get compost in six months? (Or would the temperature be kept very low at consistent 10 degrees so composting is to difficult.)


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    Hi Shy, I’m no expert and only just starting myself, but I think to keep your hotbin working as it should properly you need to feed it with new material every two to three days rather than weekly. If left for too long the temperature will drop below the recommended 40-60 degrees and the contents will start to smell.
    As for the second part of your question, I’m afraid I do not know.
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