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    Got my hotline working nicely in January and was hitting 50-60 degrees easily in February so very happy. Took the first load of compost out of the bottom in May and it smelled vile, but after leaving in the sun for a bit was OK. Now I can't get the bin back up to temperature. Have added shredded paper etc and put the hot water bottle in several times. I can't get it over 38 degrees and there are maggots in there now.

    Have just thrown in a load of grass clippings and am hoping for the best. Any tips? And does removing material always mess up the process like this?

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    Anybody there?


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      I see you added shredded paper but did you add plenty of bulking material ? This creates the air pockets that enable the hot-bin to work. The fact that your first removal "smelled vile" suggests it is not breaking down as it should. I would suggest taking it all out laying it out to dry on a tarpaulin and then adding lots and lots of shredded paper/cardboard plus plenty of bulking agent.


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        I have had my bin for three years now, similar problems, I cannot maintain a hot temperature, and end up with a soggy, smelly mess!


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          I ave a different problem. After opening the hatch door to remove compost I can't fit it back!