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Where can I order bulking agent from?

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  • Where can I order bulking agent from?

    I've looked at the HotBin web site, but can't see any Bulking Agent for sale. I know that I can make it from fresh wood chips, but have no-where to store them,

    Anyone have any ideas where I should be looking on the site?


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    You might find it comes back onto the website shortly. I think they might just have stopped selling it when COVID-19 kicked off. From their recent updates it looks like they're shipping bins again so bulking agent may follow.


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      I’ve been making my own. We have bought a garden shredder one of our best buys ever as we have several shrubs and trees. We shred all cuttings and store in green sacks we bought from Aldi or put on the garden as mulches. I have found that dead branches that came down in the storm shredded make terrific bulking agent. As well as dead twigs from trees in my street. I have been storing the cuttings to die but gather I can put some straight into my bin.

      With Covid shutdown, like many, we have also had to order a lot of things online.

      I have also spent time shredding amazon boxes and cardboard so now have a large sack in my shed of this too.

      This is my first year with a hotbox and just harvested my first batch of compost and it’s terrific. Planted up my summer baskets using a layer of compost and they look the best ever.
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        Fantastic Advice Ian, thanks for sharing with everyone!

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      Happy to announce Bulking Agent is available again on the HOTBIN website...

      Use a Bulking Agent in your compost bin to keep it aerated. Good aeration is vital to keep you composting bacteria happy.


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        Can i use straw as a bulking agent? We have 3 chickens so would be good if we could use it