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  • Shredded paper guidance

    I am completely new to hot composting and want to get the mixture right. I suspect that the weight/volume from my cross-cut shredder is greater than that from shredders which produce strips of paper. Do I need to adjust the volume of paper added to a "feed"?

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    Hi I have a shredder than cuts in strips and it’s been a nightmare as the paper has been too long and clumped into a congealed mess in the hotbin!! I’ve just ordered a new shredder. If you look at the videos on you tube the quantities from the confetti type and cross cross type do seem less than I’ve been putting in. Worth a look.


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      I wouldn't have thought it makes much difference whether you're putting strips in or cross cut paper tbh, I've used both types with mine and not noticed any difference in volume needed. My first attempts when I first had my Hotbin produced a rather smelly and wet compost - I realised quickly that in my case I hadn't been putting enough shredded paper in. So I now err on the side of more rather than less shredded paper.