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Where do you put kitchen compost?

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  • Where do you put kitchen compost?

    Hi all!
    I have a small kitchen. I am wondering
    where everyone puts thir kitchen compost. Right now we put scraps in a bowl on the sinks edge, but it's unsightly,: but I do it anyway. I've read requests for under the sink compost bins, does anyone have one, are they worth it?
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    If your Council collects food waste then they probably give out free food waste caddies and these come in 2 sizes - small for kitchen, larger for kerbside collection. I no longer have food waste collected due to hotbin so I use small caddy in kitchen, its oblong and has a lid. If your Council does not collect food waste then you could check with any friends/family who live in another council area as they can usually order free replacement caddies. I use the large caddy for storing kitchen waste and then mixing it with garden waste, paper etc before purring in hotbin.


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      We put all our kitchen waste in aEPICA stainless steel compost bin. Great counter compose container, allows up to not have to run out to our composer every eat!!
      It’s very nice on the eyes!!! Definitely worth the cost! Has charcoal filters. There has been no odor at all, and no insect or bug problems so to speak.
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