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  • strawberry
    Hello, have a look at Youtube videos by Beanie Composter, lots of good advice and other people contributing. Bin does require some work and may take a while to get used to but Ive had mine almost a year and lots of mulch quality compost from it. Ive got the mini and last Summer when everything grew massive I did have more garden waste than the bin could eat. To give you an idea I would say our garden is small/medium, there are two of us and normally produce half kitchen and half garden waste, we dont have a lawn. With the heatwave this year I have started leaving some prunings on the soil to reduce moisture loss and this controls the volume of waste as well. You will see that Beanie Composter has 2 bins a large and a mini. Good luck

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  • Mollysmum
    started a topic Some positive feedback please

    Some positive feedback please

    Hi - I’m browsing the forum before buying and coming across so many issues I’m now wondering if I can take one on (and I thought my only issue was what size!!) is there any positive feedback out there - would love to hear it! And did anyon3 buy a 200ml thinking it might be too big and turns out it isn’t? Thanking you.