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My hotbin saved my life

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  • My hotbin saved my life

    Well it saved my face and a trip to the hospital which could result in a dose of the covids. Here's what happened. My bin arrived after waiting for a month, well lets be honest, who in their right mind orders a compost bin in the middle of a pandemic where everyone is locked down at home? So I position my bin just next to my water butt under a window. Off I go down the garden and on the way back up I trip on a step, go hurtling head first, arms a flailing straight at the hot bin. My head makes contact with the bin, jarring my neck and pushing it so it hit the wall, it has to be a bit away from the wall so I can open the lid. My glasses flew off across the garden and I came to rest with my arms draped around the bin. If the Hot bin hadn't been there I would have carried on going straight into the wall catching my face on the window sill. No doubt my gorgeous looks would have been damaged and I would have needed a trip to the hospital. So if I never get a bag of compost from you at least you saved my life.

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    Wow, how lucky was that! Good to hear the Hotbin has even more benefits than we were all aware of!


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      This is interesting! Thank you for sharing. I am still waiting for mine to be delivered


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        Well the plastic body is also used for car bumpers. My Hotbin is also a Covid purchase, I’m sure the company can tell us if sales went up after 2019…