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Internal temperature only about 45°

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  • Internal temperature only about 45°

    Hi, I bought my hot bin about 3 weeks ago and after adding a base layer just above the level of the hatch within 2 days the internal temp was hitting a good 60°. Since then when adding more waste it doesn't seem to get above 40ish. I'm not sure if the second lot of waste had enough bulk but since then i've made sure there is plenty and plenty of paper. generally the waste is grass cuttings with lots of shredded paper, kitchen bits (mainly fruit, veg and tea bags) plus some shredded garden bits or bits from dead heading and wood chips for bulking. I'm not sure if I'm adding too much waste - adding every couple of days and not all grass cuttings at once as I think it could be too much. Bin is now about 3/4 full. Any suggestions to get the temperature higher? Thanks

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    Are you adding some bulking agent and shredded paper each time you add new material into your HOTBIN? If so, roughly how much of each are you adding in relation to the volume of waste?


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      Hi, i'm now adding about same amount of shredded paper as the amount of grass cuttings and kitchen waste and several good handfuls of the bark supplied with the compost. Also some of the garden waste I have shredded still has quite a lot of twiggy bits so i felt that was also adding bulk. But i may not have added enough shredded paper with my second lot of grass cuttings in the first week I had the bin and that is when it went from at great 60° to only about 45.


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        Hi, I have just sent an email to your help address with 4 photos attached as requested.
        Many thanks