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Behaviour Contact and Consequences

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  • Behaviour Contact and Consequences

    Be Respectful
    The HOTBIN Forum is a nice place to come to discuss and share your composting experiences. We want to keep it that way, so please be mindful of what you’re posting. We will not tolerate personal attacks, insults or bad language. Anyone found to be posting inappropriate posts or content may be permanently banned.

    This forum is for everyone with an interest in hot composting, all we request is that you’re polite and respectful to one another.

    Respect the Opinions of Others
    The HOTBIN Forum has been designed as an arena for people to voice their opinions. Please be mindful that people’s opinions may differ and each individual is entitled to their own opinions and that it is okay to disagree.

    The HOTBIN Team would like to encourage informative discussions, not debates and the exchange of experiences and expertise. Our discussions have no winners or losers. If you find the information useful and relevant to your situation, then please feel free to comment on the post and/ or take the information on board, however, if you have an opposing opinion, then suggest some alternative information. The HOTBIN Forum will not tolerate users trying to discredit other users’ comments.

    Religion and Political Views
    The HOTBIN Forum respects the religious and political beliefs of every user and appreciate that these factors play significant roles in many people’s daily lives. We do respectfully ask that because of our diverse user base, that discussions and comments regarding religion and politics are avoided. Additionally, we also request that discussions likely to divide opinion or cause offence such as right to life, gun use and other sensitive topics are not featured on the HOTBIN Forum as they detract from creating an informative and friendly user community where people feel confident to ask for advice or share knowledge and experience. It is for this reason that we have created these forum user guidelines, to ensure that we do create a supportive and informative community.

    Be Nice
    The HOTBIN Team encourage all members to be mindful of how their online communication may be perceived and interpreted by other users. It is much easier to inadvertently cause offence via online communication than it is when having a discussion face to face or over the phone. We appreciate that there will be contrasting opinions voiced at times and whilst we encourage friendly and informative discussions between users, we do ask that you reread your post before publishing it to ensure that it minimises the risk of it being misinterpreted by other users.

    A simple way to try and lighten the tone of a post is to include Emoticons. Adding happy faces can help to change people’s perceptions of a post.

    The HOTBIN community comprises members from different walks of life and with a range of personal beliefs. Please ensure that your posts are family friendly to avoid offending fellow users and to create an environment where people feel comfortable to ask any hot composting questions, even if they think it’s a ‘daft one’.

    Respect for Laws
    Please do not use our forum to encourage others to break laws or engage in other illegal activities.

    Quoting a short snippet from another source like a website or book for the purpose of discussion is generally seen as fair use, several paragraphs however is not so please leave a reference where required. Please also take into consideration the copyrights of other forums related to composting by not quoting them here.

    Contact / Consequences
    Breaking the rules repeatedly will result in the user being banned.

    Should you have any questions about anything featured in the HOTBIN Forum Guidelines, please contact any of the Forum moderators by Private Message.

    Any views written by members on this forum are those of the author and not of HOTBIN Composting.