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    Good discussion is fundamental to a successful forum. Please use your own words to answer member’s questions. To help here are are some key points about what is not considered discussion:

    1. Don't refer members to other websites to answer a question
    Asking users to "view a video" or "read a blog post" are not the type of answers we want. Answers should be posted on the original thread where the question was placed. If you ask a question you would expect the answer to be found under that question, not anywhere else or on a different website altogether. It’s just logical!

    2. Please do not refer people to a search engine.
    People often end up on a discussion forum because the search engine they have already tried does not have a satisfactory answer. If you refer someone back to Google you are probably just directing them back to content that they have already read.
    If you know the answer just take a moment to explain in a couple of sentences and the forum will all the better for your input.

    3. Keep responses and discussion here
    Keep all discussions on the HOTBIN forum. Do not answer a question by posting a link to an external site loosely based on the same subject. Links have their place and can be of use however, it is still better to answer the question in your own words. Suggesting that members go elsewhere to find the answer is not of any benefit there and then nor does it help future members happening upon the same discussion.

    Any unhelpful links will be shredded and consigned to the compost heap where they belong .

    We understand you want to help and be involved but if you don't know the answer, please leave it to someone that does. Someone on the forum will have an answer, if that someone is you then please take a minute or two to answer it in your own words.

    4. No spam or unsolicited advertising
    Please do not include any unsolicited advertising in your posts or SPAM the forum, such posting will result in the posts being deleted from the forum. If you are in the horticultural business please do however feel free to include this in your profile but refrain from posting marketing messages about your business