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  • Getting the most from our Forum

    If you have a burning HOTBIN question that you can’t find the answer to then the quickest way to get the information is to contribute your own questions and comments. Don’t lurk in the corner hoping someone else will ask your question, just get involved and ask. You’ll find forums can be fun and the more you participate the more you’ll learn.

    So let's hear what you have to say!

    Creating Your Profile
    Pick a good, logical name when registering on the forum and if possible add a small picture too. Don’t misunderstand us, we are all for creativity such as “Purple Compost Man” but please try to avoid nonsensical names such as “XYZ123”. In doing so we are encouraging a more social, friendly atmosphere in the forum.

    Before Posting
    Use the search facility to see if your question has already been addressed. This can help you find your answers more quickly, or if there is a thread in existence already you can start contributing to that straight away.

    Keep it Relevant and on Topic
    1. Choose a Descriptive Title
      It is important to use a descriptive title that accurately reflects the topic of the discussion. Vague titles will only provide unsatisfactory answers to your discussion (that’s if you get any answers at all). This will help you get good, helpful responses and make it easier for future members to find the same answers.
    2. Post in the most relevant area
      The HOTBIN forum has a number of different areas designed to group similar questions together. If you have a question please look through the different topics to make sure you post in the most relevant area. If the admin feel that the question would be better suited to another area the post may be moved to ensure it has the best chance at getting you the most helpful answers.
    3. Stay on Topic
      Try to keep your responses on topic to the original question. If you wish to ask a follow up question about a different subject or you want to expand the discussion in a more general direction, then please start a new discussion. A post will receive more attention when posted separately as a new discussion.
    4. Duplicate Posts
      There is no need to post your question more than once. Select the forum category that best suits your discussion, make sure you use a very descriptive title so others can easily see the topic you are talking about.
    5. Proof-read your posts
      Re-read your question before posting to make sure that it reads ok and if possible add emoticons to help convey emotion and encourage friendly discussions .
    6. Please Do Not Share Coupon Codes
      We understand that everyone likes a good deal, however please do not share coupon codes found in magazines. These codes are specially published for readers of magazines and entrants to competitions and there will be ones for the forum community too in time.

      Any unsolicited sharing will result in the post being deleted, so please wait for offers which will appear in the offer section for you, our forum members.