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  • Success at last!

    We have learned a few lessons along the way but seem to be getting it about right with a fairly consistent temperature of between 55 and 60°c. Some things of note:

    1. Previously we put in wood shavings with the chicken poops but found it seemed to block the bin's airflow. It was on the edge of going anaerobic but we managed to rescue it in time by emptying and putting the partially decomposed stuff in the bean trench. So far so good.

    2. We have been adding a bit more shredded brown cardboard than perhaps recommended but it seems to be working well.

    3. I have used a cane to carefully poke a few holes in the mix and since doing this it seems to be keeping the heat well so I would assume it is achieving a 'chimney' effect. It feels rather hot when I open the lid and smells like cooking veg, which I suppose it is. Not an unpleasant smell at all.

    4. I have ooened the leachate tap and barely a spoonful came out so I must assume it is cooking down well and producing steam.

    I hope these observations may be useful to readers as we too have felt the frustration of the thing just not getting hot enough but it seems that these modifications have helped. I would certainly appreciate any further advice however.

    Happy non-frustrating composting all! 😉