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Hi I'm a relative newbie who'd love help

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  • Hi I'm a relative newbie who'd love help

    Hi there. I'm Alison. I set up my hotbin mini in June last year but really didn't manage to get it to temperature despite a number of attempts using the hot water bottle. In late autumn I emptied it, resited it and, according to Hotbin advice, remixed it with a full bag of bulking agent. After refilling the bin slowly got to temperature but dropped away again.
    Around this time a friend suggested using torn up cardboard which had really made a difference to her cold traditional compost bin. This made a huge difference to mine and it's now mostly at temperature.
    if I don't add waste twice a week the temperature seems to dip rapidly. I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks soon so I'm concerned that 1 it's going to be cold by the time we return 2 that I'll struggle to get it back to hot composting temperature. Have you any suggestions please?
    I compost mostly vegetable/fruit peelings and fruit cores in around 2 lots of 5 litres a week mixed with paper/cardboard shreddings and bulking agent. There is little to no odour from either the bin or leachate and a white mould is visible on top of the last lot added.

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    Hi Alison, I have exactly the same problem. I'm off to Cornwall in May for two weeks, and together with feeding my birds/ squirrels / hedgies, keeping my hotbin up to temp is a major concern. Obviously having someone to help while I'm away would be great but that isnt an option .
    I've researched it a little and have come with adding a large amount of material before I leave , so it gradually breaks down. Then in the second week it will probably cool down, but as I have done in the past, when the temperature has dropped, I will add a large amount (a whole bin bag) of shredded paper and give it a good stir.
    It seems to be the only option, so fingers crossed for us both .
    PS Just a tip, I use bread/ rolls in my mix every time and it seems to have helped with my heat issues.