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Newby Hotbin user----- I Have No Grass ??

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  • Newby Hotbin user----- I Have No Grass ??

    I am researching how to start my new Hotbin. I have no lawns and no access to grass cuttings which seems crucial to keep the heat up.
    What else can I use as substitute please?

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    You don't need grass clippings to get the Hotbin up to temperature. During the winter my bin runs mostly on kitchen waste and other things that I sometimes bring home like coffee grounds from a local cafe. The problem is that most people don't produce enough kitchen waste for the larger bin. The Hotbin has actually changed my diet, I now eat a lot more fruit as it produces waste. Pineapples, oranges, grapefruit, and melon create quite a bit of kitchen waste. Once your bin is hot you can add other food stuffs like meat.


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      Freshly cut grass definatley helps get a hotbin goin but it's not essential. Try using comfry, hosta or similiar types of plant material, as opposed to brown twiggy stuff.


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        I find that stale bread, cakes etc i.e. any carbohydrate will keep the temperature up mixed in with kitchen and garden waste. I get leftovers from my local cafe as I dont have a lawn so no grass.

        In the past I have collected grass from public spaces like parks, either just after cutting or I 'picked' the grass, this is possible even in Winter but a bit of a faff.