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  • Bamboo

    Hello , my first time on the forum and have had a hotbin for about 6 weeks. Amazed at the heat and liquid coming off. We have loads of black bamboo in the garden and have recently trimmed one back and shredded it. Is this ok to add to the hotbin , it’s so tough I’m not sure it will degrade. Thanks

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    Hello Susie, sounds like your bin is going well, which is great. I dont add bamboo leaves because they take so long to break down (it has a high level of lignin so is like wood) and I worry that if I put a lot in together they will form a mat and block airflow. However if you have shredded everything and it is dry then I guess you could use the shreddings as bulking agent and mix a bit in each time.

    If it does not break down then you can pick it out the bits from the compost when you empty the bin, which is what I do with woody bits of bulking agent that are still intact at the end.

    Good luck with your composting