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Temperature of a Hot Bin

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  • Hollydaze
    My understanding is that at 60 degrees, weed seeds are killed. However, I’ve had my bin for about 6 weeks now but am not confident enough to add weeds to the mix. Don’t want to risk it. Likewise, I don’t put meat and bones in.

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  • Derrick229
    started a topic Temperature of a Hot Bin

    Temperature of a Hot Bin

    If I put withered or dead plants, grass cutting, finished tomato plants, in fact anything green and was growing and has seed heads or pods on them
    Does the hot bin get hot enough to kill off seeds ?
    I dont want to start scattering compost if it has grass seed, flower seeds, weed seeds in it
    I have had enough with weeds this year, the last thing I need is more of them
    Can bugs, insects stand the heat in a hot bin or does it just rely on bactieria to break plants, paper, cardboard down?