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Hotbin and temperature

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  • Hotbin and temperature

    Hello, I got my new Hotbin in January and it reaches the sufficient quantity to the mark of the hotbin only in June. I was desperate because I never reached the 60 degrees mentioned by a lot of hotbin users.
    Thanks to the best Swiss support online I go on to fulfill my hotbin taking only leachate by diluting it and watering the flowers of my garden.
    I will collect the compost of my hotbin only in October for my garden and my flowers. For the time being I go on fulfilling my hotbin as it was recommended to me. I must tell that for the time being, nor my hotbin nor the leachate smell and actually the temperature fluctuates between 30-45 degrees C.
    The reason why I cannot reach 60 degree C is because I bring no herbs from mowing as I own a robot lawn mower without need to collect the cutting grass.
    So If new users have some difficulties with their hotbin, they can contact me. I will transmit my experience with pleasure.