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  • Using Leachate

    We produce between 500ml - 600ml of Brown leachate every time we top up our Hotbin, about every 5-7 days. We have been saving most of it but really unsure about the appropriate way of using it. Also unsure if it keeps well or whether it degrades or even becomes bad for plants after a period of time. We produce this much because we compost mainly vegetable waste and do add wood clippings or shredded paper. Can anyone help please ? Thanks

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    That's quite a bit of leachate. With the right mix and temperature, the theory is you should get very little. Most of the moisture should be driven off as steam. Leachate can be used neat - I do this on my tomato plants or around my fruit trees. Sometimes I water it down a bit just to spread it over a larger area. It will go off, especially in the summer. It tends to get a secondary fermentation and starts to stink after a while. Shredded paper is fine but shredded cardboard is even better.