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emptying out and restarting hotbin

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  • emptying out and restarting hotbin

    Hi all, I excitedly got my Hotbin last May and have never got it up to heat- I mistakenly thought if I just left it time would do its thing and with help from the Hotbin people realised I did not feed it enough or regularly enough and used the kickstart bottle- however it dropped in heat again and I got loads of worms escaping ... so I have been advised to empty, aerate , add more green matter and put back- has anyone done this before and is this a one little woman job or should I wait for an extra pair of hands ? I don't want to be left with a load of smelly waste on a ground sheet overnight as I cant get any help until the weekend ....

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    I guess it depends if you have the standard Hotbin or the Hotbin mini. If you have the larger bin and it has a lot of material it can be heavy enough to handle. When I empty mine completely I take the lid off and tip it upside down. You can just open the hatch, and dung it out, but if its smelly that's not always plesant. You can restart smelly material by mixing it with fresh green material, cardboard and bulking agent, but the last time my bin went anerobic I just dug a trench in the veg patch and buried it. The worms made short work of it. I would hose the bin out and start from scratch if you can. Note: if you get the mix right you shouldn't need the kickstart bottle, the bin should get hot all by itself in 2-3 days. You do need quite a bit of material to get it all going initially.