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Wood pellets as bulking agent?

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  • Wood pellets as bulking agent?

    I have 3 tonnes of wood pellets (my pellet boiler has broken!!). Can I use them in the HotBin?

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    It is not clear to me what bonding agent is used to form and maintain the pellet shape. Hopefully, it would not be harmful to your garden if you utilised the pellets in your HotBin.


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      It is my understanding that the wood pellets maintain their shape due to sap and lignin already contained in the wood. So while not impossible, its unlikely that anything has been added unless the pellets are made from something that doesn't have much lignin content in the first place.

      I think composting them would be fine, but don't over do it. I use a fine wood chip as part of my bulking agent and it works well as long as I use it in small quantities, overusing it causes issues. 3 tons of wood chips would last me several lifetimes at the rate I use wood chips.