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  • Which capacity to choose?

    I am contemplating getting a HOTBIN but can'd decide which size to get. It's just my husband and myself (with the children and friends staying occasionally) and our garden is small, perhaps 10m by 5m. I am also a keen veg grower (in planters, on the roof terrace). My circumstances would allow me to get a more streamlined version of a HOTBIN MINI; however I don't want to compromise the effectiveness of the composting process by choosing a smaller version over a larger volume-holder. How did the users of this forum find the capacity of their HOTBIN in relation to the size of their garden and amount of kitchen waste composted? It would be good to hear from some HOTBIN MINI owners: do you find your bin big enough?

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    I went through the same indecision whether to buy the regular or mini HotBin. My garden is small too and I live alone. I ended up getting a mini. So far its capacity is just about adequate. I do have to buffer some material. However, I expect once the grass cutting season recedes I will have more spare capacity. Tree leaf fall will fill it through Autumn though.
    I wish I had chosen the larger HotBin. Perhaps, in that case, I could look further afield for compostable material to keep it topped up.