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Compost Bin full, what next

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  • Compost Bin full, what next

    I have a full Hotbin composter. It all appears to be going well after initially losing temperature I removed all the compost and mixed in loads more shredded paper and cardboard plus plenty of bulking agent whilst it was drying on a tarpaulin. (not the most pleasant of jobs) The temperature has now raised to the middle of the target zone, so about 70 degrees. My question is if the bin is full and therefore I can not add any fresh material is it ok to leave like that until the compost process is complete and I can remove it? In the meantime I will have plenty of potential compost materials going to waste, grass cuttings & kitchen waste. That seems a shame but apart from buying another Hotbin is there anything I can do to keep from throwing this away?
    So 2 questions really there
    1- composter full what do I do with it until compost ready to remove
    2- spare waste, is it worth storing?

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    I want to to know the answer to this too. I'm in the same position after a month... with a mini hotbin