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Newbie who got off to a good start but now the temp is falling

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    Originally posted by EnlightenedElm View Post
    Hi Jondy,

    Thank you for your help and feedback above. As you mention, the amount of paper required unfortunately is dependent upon the types, quantity and frequency with which each individual 'feeds' their HOTBIN. Consequently, some users will find that they need to add more paper than we recommend as a general guide in the HOTBIN user manual.

    If any HOTBIN user is unsure as to exactly how much paper (and bulking agent) they should add into their HOTBIN, please contact the HOTBIN Team at [email protected] and we will be delighted to provide some tailored recommendations.

    Whilst a screw can be used in the HOTBIN, if sufficient bulking agent is added and the new waste is mixed well once added, the bulking agent should ensure that the unit stays aerated and that no impermeable layers are created. If you do wish to continue using the screw, please take great care in doing so as this could damage to the HOTBIN walls and base.
    Hi EnlightenedElm.
    Many thanks for your reply. I am being very careful with the screw, but appreciate your concern. Pleased to say the temperature is running at just under 50 degrees at the moment even in this cold weather. Hopefully when I get the hang of the “proper” mix the screw will be redundant.


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      Hi, at last got back again onto the forum! The internal temperature which I was asked to give by the Hotbin team is no more than 15/20.
      What I was thinking of doing, when the weather is a little more clement, is to remove all the half composted stuff at the bottom, clean out the grid etc. well and then relay twigs etc. and start again with the uncomposted stuff at the top.
      Does this sound like a good idea? Can't think of anything more to do and my flower beds (moved house recently and beds need lots of tlc)could do with the contents to "chew over" during the winter months.
      Thanks for all advice - just this last query to be answered please.



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        Good to have you back Bellarho.

        That does sound like a very good idea to me, poor air flow can have a serious effect on temperature so cleaning out the base could work wonders. More twigs also a good idea to prevent the aeration holes getting blocked. Finally, if you are adding partially composted material it is a good idea to mix it in with fresh waste to give the bacteria some more easy to digest waste as the bacteria may have consumed most of the energy from the uncomposted stuff!

        Hope this helps

        Have a great Christmas


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          thanks for all the tips. Maybe my Chrissie presy this year will be a hotbin digesting everything properly.


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            Hi again, if I empty out my hotbin as much as I can and put it on the flower/vege beds as mentioned above, should I dig it in or just leave on top for the worms (imported from Yorkshire) to do their job? Also if just leaving it on top, is it worth covering with weed suppressor or is that a waste of time/

            Any tips welcomed and happy new year to one and all.



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              Hi there Bellarho,

              Happy New Year!!

              We would recommend digging any removed material from your HOTBIN into your flower/vegetable beds. The worms should then help to further break down this material for you in situ.


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                Many thanks. Will let you know how it all goes next year....


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                  ONE MORE QUERY - I am going away for a couple of months in March and April and there will be no one to feed the hotbin. What is the best thing to do?



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                    Hi Bellarho,

                    Give your HOTBIN a generous feed of predominantly easy to digest types of waste (vegetable peelings, grass cuttings etc) along with the corresponding volumes of shredded paper and bulking agent a day or so before you go away.

                    When you get back, stock pile some easy to digest waste so that you can give your HOTBIN another generous feed within a week or two of getting back. Make sure to add in the corresponding volumes of shredded paper and bulking agent with the waste.

                    If the internal temperature drops to below 15°C while you are away, add in the kick start bottle to help give the hot composting bacteria a boost.

                    Going forward, continue to add some fresh material, bulking agent and shredded paper into the HOTBIN every couple of days and you should see the HOTBIN's temperature return to hot composting temperatures.

                    We hope this helps.