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    Hi, I have had a Hotbin for 6 months and it has produced a lot of compost but wet even though what goes in looks dry. Only rarely do I exceed 40 degreesC and it does grow spectacular fungi. I follow the instructions exactly, except for Bulking Agent as I have a supply of part-rotten though dry wood chips (largest about 3 cm) which I use instead. This because it is never very clear what constitutes Bulking Agent. Any ideas?

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    I'm also using a lot of shredded twigs, branches, leaves from a garden shredder as bulking agent - plus some occasional shredded paper - and it seems to be working OK. I think the key is to add it in 30-50% volume to waste to keep good aeration especially if using a lot of grass cuttings. I've yet to take any compost out (only been using it for 2 months) but it looks ok and not too wet.


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      The only time my HOTBIN reaches 60 degrees is when I add mown grass in bulk, but I also add lots of shredded paper and whatever garden waste I've put through the shredder. Emptied my first lot out last week, and although it was quite wet, a few days in a warm shed to dry out and its ready to use. The key is as fatbuddha says, plenty of air about it. I think shredded paper and/or cardboard mixed in would do the trick.


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        I should have said that I also use shredded corrugated cardboard, made very easily with a Swordfish shredder, copes well with long strips of cardboard and produces ~ 2mm x 30 mm strips. Still cant make more than 40 degrees.