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    I'm new to HotBin composting and loving it!
    As a keen and eco-friendly gardener I knew I should be composting but couldn't bear thought of giving up valuable garden space to large, unsightly, painfully slow traditional compost heap. Had heard about Hotbin then spoke to helpful person on stand at Hampton Court Flower Show and decided to give it a go. Bought my Hotbin second-hand on ebay 4 weeks ago and haven't looked back!
    Read all the instructions and plunged in...........haven't slavishly followed the green:brown ratio yet it's clearly working - temperature currently at 56C. Yes, temperature does dip when content level goes down, or on cold night, or when I leave top open too long (but who can resist the excitement of checking the internal thermometer and seeing the steam rise from that pile of goodness??), but I just add more stuff and give little stir around and the temperature is quickly back up again and I haven't needed to use the starter bottle at all.
    My only concern is that my bin is so greedy I can hardly keep up with it......thinking of asking my neighbours to donate their waste paper & garden clippings!!