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Newbie with query about feeding and emptying

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  • Newbie with query about feeding and emptying

    Hello, I am two days into my new hotbin and looking forward to results in three months. I have added a good mix according to instructions, the temperature has gone up to 40. and I'm ready to continue feeding. Two questions I have are:
    1) will the bin become too full to feed? At normal rates, and given previous composting experience I can't see that happening.
    2) do I remove all the compost each time? Or just a layer which has had three months worth?
    I can't seem to find an answer to question two which doesn't suggest complete emptying each time, and so there seems to be a bit of conflict with question one. Unless I am being an idiot and have missed something.
    advice gratefully accepted, thanks.

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    Hi Cellocarol, I am a beginner too, and Hotbin staff will probably be along soon to give you a more comprehensive answer. But from my experience, there will be plenty of space in the bin if you feed it once a week. The contents shrink enormously as they compost down.

    Yes you remove the contents bit by bit so you are always removing mature compost.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for replying. What I was expecting, but good to have it confirmed.