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  • Bigs better….right?

    Hi, I’m Christine ,retired with plenty of time on my hands.Im about to buy a Hot compost bin. My only dilemma is which size to get . My heads saying get the 100ml one but my hearts saying get the bigger 200 ml . I have a medium garden with plenty of shrubs plus a lawn. .So am I right in thinking that if you have equal amounts of green waste and bulk waste , the green waste doesn’t necessarily have to be food scraps . I can’t see me filling 2 caddy’s a week with food scraps, I’m sure I could fill 1 but not 2 . As usual I feel I’m over thinking it and are probably putting pressure on myself by wanting a big one. I’m quite passionate about composting so going out and gathering stuff if needbe isn’t a problem it’s just the food waste that’s bothering me as I don’t have that much .

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    Do you have a brown bin for your garden waste? Standard brown bins are 240 liters, how much of your brown bin do you take up when you cut the grass, trim the hedge, etc? If you don't half-fill it the smaller 100L hot bin is probably a better choice if you more than half-fill it, go for the 200L