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Spread out compost after removing?

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  • Spread out compost after removing?


    Been hot binning since April and took out my first batch in July, which was lovely and I put it straight onto my veg. However, if you're going to harvest 3/4 times a year it's not going to produce a huge volume - I'm doing no-dig which is very compost heavy gardening so it'll mean still buying compost in the garden centre.

    Am I supposed to lay out or dry the compost in the air after removing from the Hotbin so it bulks up?

    Also, re the leachate, does anyone know why you can't eat veg for 20 days after applying to plants? Is it toxic? I can't find this info online and as we're coming into harvest season if leachate is being applied to fruit and veg such as tomatoes, cucumbers, spuds etc which are ready to pick now I don't really know where to put the leachate as we're eating a lot of the produce at the moment!