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    I haven't actually received my Hotbin yet I'm looking forward to it but...

    You know that advert on TV for Purple Bricks well I'm feeling a bit like that at the moment.

    I watched the Beanie Composter on YouTube and he mentioned about a Hotbin composter on Ebay so I had a look. Somebody on there is selling Hotbins at half price. You have to collect them in person from Durham which for me is not an impossible task. The advert says HOTBIN Compost Bin Mk2 (200ltr). New style hotbin new with all accessories never been outdoors also comes with a plinth shown on the picture. He/she is selling them for £175

    I ordered my Hotbin via Suttons a few days ago for £300 without the plinth.

    I presume they are the real McCoy. I just don't understand how they can sell them at that price unless they fell off the back of a lorry.

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    The folks at Hotbin sell them for a premium. I got mine a few years ago from Anglican Water and saved around 60-70 quid on the price Hotbin were selling them. They also couriered it for free to NI.