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    Hello everyone,

    After many, many years of composting I worked out the best way of doing it, two largish bins to take the new material, dismantle and reassemble to mix everything up, then the partially composted contents in a giant bin for the winter. By late spring this was ready to go.

    However, the process took two years, failed to complete, could not tackle lots of material and did not kill weeds or diseases.

    I built by own attempt at a hotbed 10 years ago which was a partial success but did not last and did not get all the contents hot.

    So I finally bit the bullet and invested in a Hotbin which I gave myself as an Xmas present. I have a reasonable sized garden so hope to have enough material for the medium sized version even though there are only two of us.

    I see someone else has given theirs a name. I have considered by compost part of the family for a long time now so as the Hotbin "heap" is so active I imagine I will do the same. In fact I have just thought of a particularly appropriate one, I'll call it Uriah. I imagine I am not the first though.