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Hot Composter gone Cold how do we re-ignite

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  • Hot Composter gone Cold how do we re-ignite

    In UK temperatures have dropped to minus 11c here in Cheshire two nights in a row and my box has stopped due to the temperature drop inside.

    I’ve used the hot water bottle x2 but this has not re-ignited even with new material.

    Any suggestions put in warmed material. chicken droppings, microwave new material?

    Thoughts and suggestions welcome
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    I managed to keep mine going during the cold snap, though I think minus 5 was a cold as it got. It did drop to about 30 degrees at one point but bounced back when I put some coffee grounds in. I did microwave the coffee grounds and warmed them up a little.


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      I had the same issue during the cold snap. I used the tried and tested method of adding a bin bag full of shredded paper, mix it up to try and get some air back into the bin. I then had lots of xmas food waste, especially pastries and bread products to add, which I find are especially good at heating up my bin. And then just to add some oooomph, I put a 4 pint milk container with tap hot water in for the next three top ups. Its now back up to temp.
      I had a bad winter last year, and basically used it as a cold composter , so I think I've cracked it this year, not to say, it wont go cold on me again, but at least i know how to remedy the situation when it happens.


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        Hi Paulyboy
        i like the idea of adding bread etc, might try this as our bin has gone kind of cool (about 25c). Any other tips?