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    I have had my Hotbin for about 32 weeks, last weekend I opened it for the first time and I am delighted with the results, lovely compost for my garden, something I have missed since my husband died more than 12yrs ago, I am 80yrs old and could not cope with the usual type of compost bin that needed turning. I also have a garden shredder and although I do not have a large amount of kitchen waste, I do have plenty of garden rubbish. I have also added some shredded paper, grass cutting from a neighbour and some pelleted chicken manure, the temperature has varied from 20 to 60degrees, I use the thermometer to take the internal temperature as it gives a more accurate reading.I really think this bin is worth every penny and look forward to another binful of compost at the end of the month. If I can manage a Hotbin, anyone can.