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A very warm HotBin Composting Welcome

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  • A very warm HotBin Composting Welcome

    Welcome fellow composters

    So before you start posting and sharing your thoughts on the HotBin Forum we would suggest you read our forum guidelines if you're a new member. Our guidelines will help you to get the most from our new composting community and help you engage in useful and helpful discussion.

    We aren't all that strict when it comes to posting content on this forum, all we ask is that you are signed up as a registered user to be able to start or add to the discussion however we do have a small area regarding rules and behaviour that will help you to enjoy your experience on the HotBin Forum.

    The HotBin Team really want to you participate and post on this new communication platform for Hot Composters so we would encourage you to offer your advice and knowledge with your peers.

    Please be respectful of all forum users vulgar language and impolite conduct will not be tolerated. So no need to worry about what others may think, there are no stupid questions no need to be shy!

    As a matter of good house keeping from time to time we will have a look at our inactive members that have only posted once, these members with normally have posting privileges revoked and signature links removed.

    We hope you enjoy using the HotBin forum it's a great place to learn and pick up some composting pointers, don't be afraid just get stuck in.

    Now just go back to the previous page, click New Topic and introduce yourself.