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  • Been here for some time

    I've been on this forum for some time, posted a few questions, never get a reply, but lots of people have seen or read them

    It makes me wonder if the forums are as friendly and as helpful as I have been told

    I know not many people are actually in this forum, if they are, they dont post much or reply to topics

    I'm on an allotment forum and they are a REALLY friendly bunch, always full of help and tips
    My Hot Bin was really slow to start, I used to just dump grass cuttings in there, but I bought a shredder that cuts up cardboard, (even the double skinned stuff)

    Now I mix that in with the few grass cuttings I have and its rotting down very well

    On my Dalek composter I add a bottle of urine into it every week, that helps with the rotting process (and no it doesnt smell)

    I have decided to do the same with my Hot Bin, it cant hurt and its only a liquid anyway (and adds to the liquid compost coming out of the outlet at the bottom

    It may sound kinda disgusting, but its been used in some of the stately homes in the UK + the Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years (I'll let you know how it goes

    ( )