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    Hi, I’m Paul and have had my 100 ltr hot compost bin since Christmas, but only kicked it off about 8 weeks ago. My first impression was “too small”, but I’ve come to realise to keep the beast fed, takes some doing. Being a 2 person family we don’t generate a great deal of kitchen waste, I’m reluctant to put bone and shells in as I can’t see them composting down in 8-12 weeks. My small lawn offers some fresh greenery so I tap the neighbours up for theirs too.
    I bought a second strap for the door as one is totally inadequate, I’m suprised that the maker skimped on such a cheap item.
    I've generated about 1.5 pints of the brown liquid from the bottom but it’s a dribbley thing. Would be better with a Water butt type tap, which I may put into the current blue plastic cap.
    looking forward to seeing v3, v2 improved on V1.