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  • Hello hotbiners!

    My hotbin mini arrived early this morning and now finding myself ridiculously excited lol! Have wanted one for years but knew I was going to be moving, now in my new house it was a no 1 priority. Moved it 3 times to find the best spot already, now got it in the perfect place. Twigs and shredder at the ready and wanting the lawn to grow another inch or two! Is it daft to be so excited about a hotbin lol!

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    Hello Joti, no its not daft to be excited about your purchase. There is lots of good advice on the forum and videos on Youtube by various people about getting the best from your bin. I dont have a lawn but in Winter I pick small amounts of grass from any public places where grass is long enough (and unlikely to be frequented by dogs) In the Summer I ask people who do have lawns for some of their clippings. The bin loves carbohydrate so I collect leftover bread and pastries from the local cafe to add to other food and garden waste. Cut everything up small, add lots of shredded paper, some cardboard, some bulking agent and give it a good mix. Good luck


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      Thanks, got it started yesterday after mowing the lawn and collected a fair bit of food waste before it arrived and amazed it is almost up to temp already, even after the frost here last night. So chuffed!


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        Good luck Joti - let us know how you get on - I’m a few weeks behind you! Can I ask why you chose the Mini?