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  • delcamp26

    Hi everyone , I am an 85 year old very keen gardener living in Norwich. Decided to join the Hotbin forum after I ordered some bulking material and the email I received had links to the Forum. I have been composting for many years using the old type of compost bin but middle of last year purchased the Hotbin Mk2. Since then I have been struggling to get any heat into the bin. But recently removed the door to check what the compost was like and was very surprised to see some very well composted material. So far I am really pleased with the bin and what it has produced..

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    Hi there delcamp, I’m also relatively new to composting. I also have the “HOTBIN MK2” and have struggled to keep the bin operating at a high temperature but I have successfully made decent compost with it. I’m sure we will get the hang of it.
    I’m thinking about trying to use some “hot manures”, to see if they will help raising/keeping the temperature higher. I’m sure that I read that there is no need for mixing but I have only succeeded by mixing, once a suitable temperature has been reached.
    Good luck with future composting 🤞👍


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      Hello both, I have found that adding 2 ingredients into each 'feed' really helps to get the temperature up - carbohydrate (bread, cake, cooked pasta) and fresh grass. If you dont have leftover carbs then ask local cafe for stuff that they will be throwing away. For grass in the Winter - pick/cut some in areas where grass still growing (it never seems to stop these days)

      Re mixing, when you add a feed it seems best to mix some of the stuff that is already composting into the new stuff - this helps the bacteria get working on the new material.

      Good luck