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    Hello alli trust you are well. So I set my HotBin up on 20th feb. Temp wise it is between 40 and 50 degrees centigrade lots of lovely steam. I am however worried about a couple of points the first is the vent is leaking a lot of leachate even though I have been regularly draining the tap and I have made sure the surface is level but liquid is leaking out and draining under the hot bin which can’t be good.This is attracting flies. The second is the door seems to be bulging out. I ordered extra straps as I do not think one is enough for the mini.
    Any advice on how snug the compost door should be is appreciated as well as suggestion for the leaking air vent. What is the capacity for the drain pipe? Should I try and incorporate more paper and cardboard into the compost now? Take care and thanks in advance.

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    Did you pretty much fill your mini? I suspect that if you did, you will generate moisture from the top in the form of steam and leachate at the base. Once you get into a steady sequence of removing your material from the base and adding material at the top the moisture generation problem will settle down too.
    Looks as if you have got a good mix to get those temperatures. I hope you can keep it up and offer tips to us on how you do it.
    With regard to the hatch placement, I would point you in the direction of the HotBin YouTube videos.


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      Thank you the bin is full to just below the top of the compost removal door I haven’t opened the front hatch yet. I have had more kitchen waste Han garden waste so far given the time of year. I am adding plenty of the wood chip, cardboard and shredded paper . Take care
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