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    Hello everyone, I'm very new to forums and hot bins and am looking forward to lots of help. Please can anyone tell me why my hot bin is constantly at 80 degrees and at one time reached 120! I left the top up in order to cool it down but after a while the temperature starts to build again.

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    Are you sure you are not reading the Fahrenheit temperature scale?
    At any rate, it would seem that you have got your bin working particularly well.


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      120F is close to 50C which is where my bin is most of the time, though it can reach 70C for a day or two when fresh grass clippings are added. As nortonbeak says, you are likely reading the Fahrenheit scale. If it was 120C your bin would boil dry pretty soon.


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        I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to say a big thank you for your comments. Of course I was looking at the wrong temperature reading and feel very silly indeed. Pleased to say that it is now back up to 55 degrees and holding. Loving feeding it all sorts of scraps and hoping for really good results in the next couple of months.