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Hi. Just joined, I'm Gramps 1948. New to Hotbin composting.

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  • Hi. Just joined, I'm Gramps 1948. New to Hotbin composting.

    My problem is, when trying to start my Hotbin. First time was a failure, so I completely reread the instructions and started again. This time I filled the complete lower section with the twiggy stuff. Yes it worked great, but now my Hotbin is full. I watched the video, where the inventor is at some place doing a demonstration, and I noticed that he only puts a good handful of twiggy stuff in the bottom. Has anyone done a similar thing, or is it just an, Old Farts trick. Can I dig out the bottom and bung it back in the top. Regards Geoff

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    The twigs are primarily to prevent the composting material blocking the slots in the bottom plate.
    I save the twigs and replace them on to the bottom plate when I empty out the compost from the hatchway.


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      Thanks for that friend, have you ever tried to compost those old liners from troughs and basket the coco matting stuff. Also, my leachate is not a dark brown colour, not a yellow colour, more of a light coffee colour, it has no smell, just what was in the jar (branston).
      Been nice chatting to you. Best regards Geoff Maddison


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        I have only tried composting coco fibre in cold bins. I found it took a long time.
        Don't know about your leachate.


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          I have had similar problem. I read that you need to remove twiggy bits from bottom of compost but it is compacted. Bin is full reading at 60 but just solid mass in bottom of bin.