I'm Susi.

When Covid was identified in Wuhan in Jan 20, we started converting our rather small back garden into an allotment. Well, about a third of your average allotment.

By the time it started getting serious in the UK (end of March) we'd had about 4 tonnes of sharp sand and compost delivered to turn our solid clay into something approaching good soil.
The pallets were turned into growing containers and growing began.

I bought one of those 1m cubed 'Dalek' composters and thought I was all set.
1 year on, all I had was cold dead-ish smelly almost-compost.

Saw an article and special offer for a HotBin2 and bought one.
And here I am...

Hope to be able to share tips and tricks to and from you. Especially as I'm struggling with moisture issues, but that's for elsewhere.

Susi xxx