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  • hello and!

    I was bought a hotbin for Christmas & very excited I was too! I set it up with twigs in the bottom and steadily added kitchen waste plus some chicken manure. Our kitchen caddy is 5litres so every time I add that Ive added about half as much shredded paper and 25 % of the composted bark. Whilst the temperature is warmer than outside it has only risen to the low 20C. I have used the hot water bottle 3-4 times. This raises the temperature to the low 30s but then it goes down again after a few days. the depth of the waste is over 40 cm now. Had anyone got any advice please? Of course over the past week the outside temperature has been below freezing so maybe I shouldn't expect anything at this time of year?

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    If you haven't already, check out this YouTube video Crank Up the Heat with the Kick Start Bottle - YouTube

    It does say that if your have managed a temperature of 15 degrees then the bacteria has been activated and the kickstart bottle won't do much and you need more waste in your bin to get the temperature to rise.