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    Hello, I’ve just discovered this forum, think it might be helpful. I live in Rochester, Kent. Have had my mini hotbin for several weeks, it’s cold, so maybe not the best time to start!

    I keep using the ‘hot bottle’ to give it a boost, temperature dies then shoot up, but wonder if I should just leave it? Or use just once a week or something?

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    Hello, welcome to the forum.
    The cold weather does not help, does it.
    My mini has just ground to a halt. I think the content may have densified. At the weekend I will remove the material at the bottom and hope that it gets away again.


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      Hello Dorothy. I’m new to this forum as well. I’ve had my HotBin for a year and finding it very frustrating as I haven’t had a decent heap of compost from it. I bought it thinking I would get lots of lovely compost and that would save buying it , reduce plastic and not have to buy the yearly green waste licence.
      The first lot of compost was passable. The second lot was anaerobic and is still sat in heap in the garden. The third lot is in the bin, smelly and wet. I’ve taken most of it out and mixed more shredded office paper and cardboard with it along with the bulking agent. I put a hot bottle in the bin yesterday, looked today and it’s made no difference.
      I’ve read the instructions so many times I could recite them! I’ll try for one more year and in the meantime set up
      a second wooden compost bin as I’ve had better results from that. As there seem to be so many people having the same problem as us maybe the instructions aren’t clear enough?