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  • Helen B
    Hi Liffet. I'm a newbie too. My Hotbin has been going for about 2 weeks and I havent had any problems so far. Althoug my husband was sitting down wind of The Beast (it needed a nickname!) and could smell hot minty chocolate. I had put some prunings from my herb bed in the bin! I already have a wormery and have been composting with it for about 15 years. We dont really have anywhere to put cold compost bins so this seemed like the best choice. I was fed up taking garden waste to the tip but still having to buy compost. Good luck with your bin.

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  • Liffet
    started a topic Hello from new member

    Hello from new member

    Hi everyone! I'm Aria and I'm a newbie at this forum.
    I have a small garden where I grow some veggies and flowers. That's why we need a composting farm. It's very cool that you can eat veggies and then worms eat its' peels. Perfect combination.
    I was lurking this forum a bit and decided to join this community. Glad to be a new member.
    Nice to meet you all here. Have a great day!