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    I am 5 week in on Hotbin and was wondering do we need to drain the liquid as my neighbour is complaining about a smell over the fence.

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    I have been checking mine on a regular basis. In the first week after setting the bin up, I got an egg cup full each day. Now, only a drop or two.
    Check your result with the Hotbin Help on "Collecting and Using Liquid Fertiliser".


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      Im 2 weeks in with my hotbin (known as The Beast!) I removed my first lot of leachate todayand had a similar amount to Dottylu. It does sound as if your bin is a bit wet if it is smelling. Mine is full and cooking at 60. I learnt the hard way with my wormery that too wet is niot a good thing so I put in plenty of shredded card and paper. I read somewhere that it is is much easier to correct a hotbin that's too dry rather than dealing with one that is too wet.