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Leaking hot bin

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  • Leaking hot bin

    Had my bin for a while now but
    from day one it’s been leaking and wondering if anyone else has had this issue ?

    I am wondering if anything was missing when the bin was supplied . I attach a pic . Any help appreciated as I can’t get hold of anyone on the phone .


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    If I am interpreting your photo correctly, it appears that the leak is from the base of the removable hatch. That is odd. I would expect all liquids to go through the plate at the base and into the plenum. From there, the leachate can be removed by releasing the screw cap.
    Is nothing going into the plenum?


    • Sooty23
      Sooty23 commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi, Thanks for your message, yes I have been able to get some liquid from unscrewing the blue top, not a massive amount but as you can see from the photo a lot is escaping. The leak appears to be coming through the mesh I believe.

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    I don't know anything about the construction of the Hotbin, but I don't think you should be getting liquid from the mesh if there is none at the blue cap.
    Perhaps somebody who knows better can help.


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      From the photo it looks as if you may have raised the bin onto a frame of some sort. If so it may be that the supporting base frame is thin and the resulting force density acting on the bottom of the bin is too great for the expanded polypropylene material from which the bin is made. In other words: If the bin is on a flat surface the whole of the bin bottom will be sharing the load but if it is mounted on a thin frame the weight of bin and contents will be concentrated and to the extent that it is beyond the design limits and cracked the base.